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Diablo Gazette: May: Photographer Extraordinaire

Diablo Gazette: April: Man of Steel

The Big Issue Mag. UK:  The Barn

Cafe Lit. UK:  An Xmas Story

The Big Issue: Book review. On All Fronts. Clarissa Ward.

Alive East Bay: Nigerian Writers

Alive East Bay: Bugles & A Tiger



It’s a race against time to discover the truth as the CIA, M16, and NISS (the National Intelligence & Security Services of Ethiopia) are forced to act with only minimal information. Will they uncover a plot to abduct the US Ambassador to Ethiopia? Two super agents, Lisa from the USA and ‘the Prof’ from the UK, are charged with solving the issue, their personalities often clashing in spite of their mutual attraction. Their search for a stolen but critical audio file takes them to New York, London, Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt, and El Salvador. Signs of an abduction show the possible fingerprints of Al Qaeda together with that of Al Shabaab from Somalia. Suspension and tension mount as the agents fall in love, struggle to make sense out of a garbled, ambiguous but threatening conversation. It leads them on a wild goose chase, causes them to believe half-truths, make wrong assumptions, and take several miss-steps. Could Orthodox priests be involved? The reader is led down paths with unexpected twists and turns. Finally, in a hair-raising, dramatic climax, the issue is resolved. The question is, will the couple live to tell the tale?  

The Ethiopian Affair

The Bishop Wears No Drawers. 

A former Catholic missionary priest remembers Africa 

From the book cover and dust jacket: 

In this spellbinding and riveting memoir, Barrington provides a brutally honest and gripping portrayal of his life as a young missionary priest.  A racist, alcoholic pastor nurses him through his first bout of malaria fever. Stood up to be shot by a group of drunken soldiers, a whiskey drinking ‘John Wayne’ type priest shows him real caring. Devastated by the death of a twelve years old school girl he was mentoring, he then has to bury her. A Muslim friend offers him his youngest wife for the night if only he will stay in his house. 

Set during a pivotal period in the history of the Catholic Church and bloody civil war in Nigeria, The Bishop Wears No Drawers is a true-to-life “survivor” tale replete with adrenaline pumping adventures, daunting challenges, and the added dimension of one priest’s profound religious struggles to find his true self. 

Combined with warm humor, moving insights and personal testament, Barrington offers an unfettered glimpse into the rarely entered domain and closed doors of the highest level of church management. This is a book you will not be able to put down. 

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