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June 23:    Academy of Heart & Mind: CRASH

July 23:    CafeLit: Mystery Man.

October 23:    CafeLit: Writers I have Known

December 23:    Academy of Heart & Mind: Big J’s Xmas Visit

December 23:    CafeLit: Big J’s Xmas Visit

January 24:    CafeLit: Stonehenge: A quick visit.

January 24:    Aether Ave Press: The Storyteller

February 24:    Aether Ave Press: Anthology: Surrendering to the Surreal; The Storyteller

March 24:    Academy of Heart & Mind: The Storyteller

June 24:    Academy of Heart & Mind: Strong Arm of the Law.


Sometimes, even the most ardent novel reader takes a break and searches for something to read, something that is different, interesting, short, and suits the mood. Something that can be enjoyed almost anywhere—while riding on the bus or train, waiting for a doctor’s appointment, or just lying in bed at the at the end of a busy day while waiting for the sandman. My stories come in all shapes and sizes, and you can read some of them in just a few minutes, others are slightly longer. However, you can enjoy all of them in the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee or a late afternoon cocktail.

Magic at Stonehenge

No room for heroes.jpeg

No Room for Heroes

A novel of the French Resistance 1944 

No Room for Heroes, a historical novel using the French Resistance and World War II as background, was published in August. It follows the lives of twenty-eight-year-old identical twins from the Vercors Plateau, as they try to outwit first the Italians who occupied the region, then the Germans. Complications arise as one becomes romantically involved with a radio and explosives expert flown in from England, and the other with the local catholic priest who doubles as a resistance fighter. After serious acts of sabotage, destruction of railways and weapons depots, there follows dramatic captures and escapes together with harsh retaliation. The climax of the book describes the largest direct confrontation during the war between resistance groups and the German army, the tragic Battle of the Vercors.

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