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The Big Issue (UK): January: England Revisited       

Minds & Hearts: January: The Crossing

Ekphrasis Competition: February: Blue Reverie

Minds & Hearts: May: Relief

California Writers News: June: Apocalypse Now, AI.

Café Lit (UK): July: The Mystery Man

Café Lit (UK): August: Relief

Feature Articles Every Month: Diablo Gazette

The Baron of Bengal Street.jpeg

“After fleeing the harshness of life in Roscommon, Ireland, sixteen years old Joe Cronin (my grandfather) arrives penniless in Manchester. It is 1890. Determined to become a gentleman, as landlord of the Shamrock Inn, he builds a financial empire while helping the poor of Ancoats. His wife’s tragic death leaves him with two young daughters. Conscripted to serve England in WWI, he also continues to support home rule for Ireland by helping the IRA. After settling the gambling debts of the chief of police, he gains protection for his black-market schemes and illegal gambling. Accepted into the higher echelons of Manchester society, he earns the indebtedness of city leaders and politicians. But at the one moment when he should have shown the world what a real ‘gentleman’ he had become, he fails both himself and his favorite daughter Mary.”

The Baron of Bengal Street

No room for heroes.jpeg

No Room for Heroes

A novel of the French Resistance 1944 

No Room for Heroes, a historical novel using the French Resistance and World War II as background, will be published in August It follows the lives of two twenty-eight-year-old identical twins from the Vercors Plateau, as they try to outwit first the Italians who occupied the region, then the Germans. Complications arise as one becomes romantically involved with a radio and explosives expert flown in from England, and the other with the local catholic priest who doubles as a resistance fighter. After serious acts of sabotage, destruction of railways and weapons depots, there follows dramatic captures and escapes together with harsh retaliation. The climax of the book describes the largest direct confrontation during the war between resistance groups and the German army, the tragic Battle of the Vercors.

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