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There is a lot happening in my life just now. 

Last week I saw the first edits of our Joint Book Venture and I am pleased with what I read. We are a little behind schedule but our goal is still to have it published by the end of the year. We have now decided on a new title for it and the team looked at 3 possible newly designed book covers none of which were accepted. Jennifer Granat a team member and writer is also an artist and she was asked to produce a new one. We are all anxiously waiting for it.

Last Sunday I did a reading and book signing in Benicia and it was well attended. 

Next Monday I am doing a book presentation at Rossmoor.

Later on I have another presentation in Pleasanton and one in Clayton which is just down the road from me.

One of my short stories was punblished last week in CafeLit Magazine. That's the second this year!!

At the end of the month I have to travel to Puerto Rico to do a program review for Rotary International. Since I lived there many years ago, it will bring back many happy memories.


I spent two hours yesterday at a ladies book club in Antioch and what an enjoyable time it was. Eleven ladies had read my book Becoming Anya and all of them gave it a thmbs up as an interesting and enjoyable read. While discussion about the book lasted for half an hour, the conversation turned on me as a writer! They wanted to know about me and my craft: what did I write, how did I write, when did I write and fascinating questions about being a creative writer. They were intrigued when I told them I rarely if ever use a story board but let my characters tell me who they are, how they feel, what they will wear, what foods they like, how they make friends. They tell me how they feel and what makes them tick. Usually I have no idea initially how my books will develop. The meeting ended with a discussion about another of my books, Let The Peacock Sing and they agreed to adopt it as a book of the month for sometime next year.

I am working with three artists to design a cover for our group novel. We have not yet decided firmly on the title. Once completed we will decide as a group which cover to chose.


These past two months have been very different for me as a writer. Apart from getting long term Covid and I was extremely sick, I have done very little personal writing. My entire focus has been working with a team of six other writers and together we are writing a Mystery Novel. I have been leading the process and am happy to announce that the MS is now completed. It is called The Ipswich Murder: A San Francisco mystery.

Next week it will be going to our editor and our goal is to have it published by the end of November. Stay tuned for more information.

I have attended two book clubs this month which is always a happy and interesting time. It's fun being able to respond to readers questions.

Next month I will be doing two public presentations in Benicia and Oakley.

Flooded with Requests!

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