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Michael's Background

Michael Barrington was born in Manchester, England and spent his teen age years at a boarding school in the Lake District. After living in France, he joined a French Order of Missionary priests, and spent ten years in West Africa, several of them during a civil war when he was stood up to be shot. On his return to the UK, he spent a year living as a hermit in Northern Ireland. After teaching in Madrid, Spain for a year he taught for four years in Puerto Rico and directed an international student program in Latin America. Emigrating to the United States, he now lives near San Francisco. As a member of Rotary International he flies all over the world monitoring and evaluating humanitarian projects and has worked in more than 30 countries. He is completely fluent in several languages, is an avid golfer and academically he has three Masters’ Degrees and a Ph.D. On his bucket list is to pilot a helicopter, become fluent in Arabic and spend a week’s retreat at Tamanrasset in the Sahara Desert.

He has always been a writer, mainly of spiritual, inspirational essays some of which he is currently preparing for publication. His first work “The Bishop Wears No Drawers” (2016) is a memoir of ten years spent in Africa, some of it during a civil war. His book “Let the Peacock Sing” (2020) is an historical novel set against the backdrop of the French Resistance during World War II.  "Becoming Anya," is a coming of age and romance story (2021) and his most recent novel "The Ethiopian Affair" is an international thriller (May 2022).

Michael writes articles of both fiction and non-fiction for several magazines and is a feature writer for the Diablo Gazette, a local newspaper.

He is married to a beautiful French lady, Annie Jacquemet, who after a successful career as a psychotherapist, now spends her time, when not critiquing his book drafts, is an accomplished painter in oils. They live together with their rescued Tibetan terrier, Cezanne.

Michael is an experienced public speaker with thirty years of experience. He is available for large and small groups via Zoom or in person

M. Barrington

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