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"There's Nothing For You Here." 02/25

Have just finished Fiona Hill's Memoir whom Donald Trump when he heard it was being published, dismissed her as "a deep stiff with a nice accent." Her book however reflects a long, thoughtful answer to the title of the book, covering the political decline and failure of three countries: the UK, USA, and Russia. It's not a book for the faint-hearted, those who do not want to accept a heavy dose of realism. It has been written before, but this time it's different. explained by an unassuming but brilliant female scholar, the foremost expert on Russia whom the Past President having brought into the White House, proceeded to ignore.

It's a provocative book and she warns us that based on history, if we cannot adjust and heal our political polarisation, then perhaps "Russia is America's ghost of Christmas future." And writing about the invasion

of the US Capitol says. if the next time the mod is better prepared, "they might just manage to hold."

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