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Meghan & Harry: We're happy you're here.

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

After the block blockbuster interview with Oprah the polemic has only just begun. As a Brit. now exiled to living in California I see the dichotomy between the American emotional, sympathetic, and very human reaction, and the more typical, supercilious and English 'sang-froid' attitude of 'you simply don't understand' or 'hands-off our beloved monarchy.' Be that as it may, I believe that this is simply the first of the seven veils that will eventually be rented before a healing can take place. With the horrible racist comments aside, there was little new to digest. A different time, place and players perhaps, but 'plus ca change plus c'est la meme chose.' The abdication of Edward VIII and his marrying a divorcee in 1936 shocked the palace and the nation, but it was the future King's wife, Queen Elizabeth who made sure that there would be no reconciliation as long as her husband was king. And the Queen's own sister, Princess Margaret was prevented by 'The Firm' from marrying the one man she truly loved, Group Captain Townsend, as he was already married. She then married a fashion photographer, a relationship littered with infidelity, but for the most part, ignored by the press and tolerated by the palace.

The sad history of Princess Diana is too well known to be repeated here, but it was telling that Prince Harry referred to her as a case of deja vu, beloved by the people but a suffering outcast behind the palace walls.

Will the palace do anything? If any indicators can be drawn from history, then the short answer is probably, 'very little.' The current Queen is idolized throughout Britain but she is 94 years old, and if/when Charles becomes king, the general public may not be so generous, understanding or forgiving....and he has closets filled with skeletons. It's good to have you here in California, Meghan and Harry. You have nice neighbors and while we recognize that our society is far from perfect, we are quite tolerant. I hope the Royal family and 'The Firm' notice that it was a person of color who first reached out to you and offered you his home and security, and a person of color first introduced you to a wider US audience.

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