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Honduras Update 04/ 19

Have just returned from ten days in Honduras working on a Humanitarian project where with the help of Rotary International we are building new toilets and putting water into thirty schools. It was wonderful to be there again after an exhausting 22 hour journey. Our project is now back on track. We visited 14 schools but have budgeted for only 12. Everything will depend on the budget. The price of building materials has sky rocketed. Our team on the ground is ready to go, contractors have been engaged and we have an additional civil engineer Gerlado, who is also Project Manager. Construction will start next week. The saddest aspect of the trip was meeting teachers and kids. The schools have been closed for two years and with no internet or computers, home schooling was almost none existent. Kids have lost two years of education. Because the schools are spread over a very large and diverse area each school is trying to resolve the issue as best they can. Many are not keeping the kids letting them advance and splitting their time. Some attend school days a week, others three. I plan on returning in August.Stay tuned for regular updates on the project.

The Writers Connection I started some months ago for the California Writers Club, has really taken off. Last week fourteen people attended. It was lively, very interactive and it appears that it is really filling a need. With an open-ended agenda or really no agenda, I was amazed at the variety of topics that were covered. Next month we meet on May 25th. Same time same place, Chicken Pie Restaurant in Walnut Creek.

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